Same talking, how nice…....................... By Moubarak Baydoun

Everyone agrees on forming the government, and everyone warns from the deterioration of the economic situation, requesting to hasten the formation of a government of national accord… or what is called a national hypocrisy, as the situation can no longer bear any stalling, “and what you say is useless”.

The economic development summit is about to take place in Beirut, and CEDRE conference is eagerly waiting for commitments, performance amelioration, trust in the administration, and expulsion of corruption and corrupters. So far, the corruption files are appearing and increasing day by day, rather the lack of trust in reform prevails. In fact, no reform, no change, no strong republic, no hope for a citizen who lives under the poverty line without any helper or reliever. Furthermore, the airport’s administration is abortive even amidst the security authorities, in addition to a disabled work plan, brutal road traffic, increase of number of the killed, reaching the highest death rate in the world, not to mention the environmental problems among which some entered the Guinness Book, in addition to reaching the world record in terms of cancer patients, with the high majestic mountains of waste creating a treat to the eye on springs shelfing waste that is polluting the underground water becoming non-potable not even for animals!

Gentlemen; if you wish to know the obstacles delaying the formation of the country’s management government and the necessity’s government, they are plenty in your point of view: distribution of shares, whereas in our point of view, it is all that we have mentioned above, and the rest is to come. They are ministerial portfolios full of corruption and waiting for your management. We must really hasten the government’s formation for the files’ danger is awaiting for you, and we are aware that the relevant rivalry to reach reform and solve the obstacles is your specialty… in order to keep away the surrounding threats.