Adwan: PM designate should set criteria for cabinet formation

NNA - President of the Administration and Justice Parliamentary Committee, MP George Adwan, on Thursday stressed that the Prime-Minister designate was the one entitled to set the needed criteria to form a cabinet; however, he regretted that the PM's prerogatives were being massively tampered with.

"The President of the Republic is the one who's setting the [cabinet lineup] vision today, but it is the Prime Minister-designate's task to determine the distribution of portfolios, not that of any other team," Adwan said in a press conference he had held at the House of Parliament earlier on Thursday.

He wondered what would be the task of the PM-designate had he only succumbed to dictates from here and there "to form this government with these numbers and these portfolios?"

Adwan also wondered how would the PM be able to ensure the success of a government if that had been the case. "The success of a government is not guaranteed with the mere distribution of portfolios. (…) Forming any government that does not inspire confidence, like the governments that brought us to this situation to start with, is tantamount to repeating the mistakes of the past."