Russia for Dialogue in Nicaragua and Against Foreign Interference

Moscow, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) Russia spoke out today in favor of a constructive dialogue and mutual respect, with the participation of all political forces, inside the law and the Constitution in Nicaragua and against foreign pressures and interference.

Nicaragua became another example of the political application of the scheme of the so-called colors revolutions to destabilize that nation, said Russian Foreign Ministry.

That is clearly seen when demonstrators with economic demands suddenly assume political slogans and later take arms, highlighted the referred Russian entity.

Nicaraguan authorities should have responded to actions of agitators and although there were regrettable victims, the Government managed to overcome the violent wave and seek the dialogue, commented the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But calls to dialogue from abroad were substituted by the imposition of sanctions and interfering actions, ordered by the United States, the Secretary General of the Organization of American States, Luis Almagro, underlined the Foreign Ministry.

Nicaragua was the victim of an open foreign interference, whose promoters never hid that intention, it added.

It was even attempted to take the case of Nicaragua to the UN Security Council, something that failed last September 6, recalled the referred Ministry.

Russia calls the attention on the irrationality of a 'controlled chaos' policy applied in Latin America with unpredictable consequences which do not solve any social and economic problem to be faced by the Nicaraguan government, the entity highlighted.