Kouyoumjian says economic, financial, social dossier a government priority

Social Affairs Minister, Richard Kouyoumjian, stressed Saturday that the current government's priority is to address the economic, financial and social issues at stake, anticipating good achievements for Lebanon with the support of the Cedar Conference.

In an interview with "Radio Free Lebanon" this morning, Kouyoumjian asserted his Party's support to the exclusivity of arms in the hands of the Lebanese State and its full authority over all its territory. "The position of the Security Council might be supportive to this stance, which is good," he added.

Kouyoumjian noted that the Lebanese Forces ministers have previously voiced their reservation within cabinet regarding the exclusivity of weapons and the strategic decision of the State.

"Unfortunately, our position has not been adopted, and I do not think there would be any significant developments in this respect," regretted Kouyoumjian.