NNA - Marada Movement Leader, MP Sleiman Frangieh, on Wednesday met in Saifi with Kataeb Party Leader, Sami Fragieh. The meeting had been an occasion for the pair to affirm ongoing coordination and cooperation between both political parties.

"Coordination is ongoing and will continue in the future with between Marada Movement and Kataeb Party over all issues in an attempt to help remedy the economic and social situation which we endure,” Frangieh said on emerging.

"Our talks have focused on the economy (...) a financial reading is necessary, and we must have an alternative proposal as a whole,” he said.

Moreover, Frangieh declared that the reconciliation with the Lebanese Forces would not be hindered.

“What’s mostly required is the reduction of expenditures in the budget, and a new financial reading with the provision of an alternative proposal; these procedures are very necessary,” Frangieh added as touching on the economic dossier.

For his part, MP Gemayel lauded the common values, honesty, and morality which have brought him together with MP Frangieh, deeming these qualities “rare in political life."

"There is a difference of views in politics, but in the economy, we are ready to cooperate with al-Marda and anyone who wants to put his hands in ours to prevent any likely infringement of people's rights,” Gemayel added.